The London Party Scene

Nick Mindscapes I Shooting from the hip and the heart

A beautiful thing was the London party scene, notice the was!, it was that good it got such a large invasion from all corners of the planet that it has been seriously diluted. What was a beautiful cosmopolitan, spiritual London party has changed into something else. There’s always been a changing of a percentage of the people, youngsters and visitors coming in and older people moving on and going traveling. In the mid 90’s there was a large influx of Europeans which diluted and changed things a little bit, girls that came to dance and trance to good music found themselves getting hassled by young males out on the pull like it was some crass European night club. That invasion has continued and has been joined by people from all over the place, especially from Eastern Europe and Russia. So much so that we have seen a serious decline of that beautiful people feeling. London in general has had such a large flood of people land here lately that the whole town is on the change so the parties are bound to feel this too. A London underground party was a beautiful mix of Londoners, Brits, second third and fourth generation immigrants from all over the place, foreign residents, tourists, international party people, travelers. . and all sorts. The parties being organized by Londoners and Brits who knew what they were doing. The parties were special and exclusive, you felt privileged to be there. But this has changed, the special and exclusiveness has gone, a lot of older Londoners, Brits and international travelers / party people don’t bother now so often because it has changed so much.

Parties in London have been international parties for a long time but now they are more likely not to be organized by Londoners but by international people who don’t know the finer points of the game or the ways of this country so well, this can cause all sorts of problems.

London and the parties has always had its problem with the resident underworld, gangsters taking over venues to dominate the drugs trade but now we have the desperados, wana-be gangsters and gangsters from all corners of the planet, if it ends up turf (territory) war between the local gangsters and the east European I Russian for the drugs business this will be a disaster for the good feeling, exploring, spiritual side of the London parties.

London parties were scouting the edges of the universe, moving consciousness, spirituality and freedom forward, exploring and expanding the co-relation of parties, music, dance, trance and / or drugs with influences from all over the planet but sadly now too many parties are just another party for some greedy bugger to earn large or some glory seeker to wank off his ego, There were morals and principles but that has seriously declined and without this things and an attempt of making it special and move things forward it’s just another fucking disco.

It’s not all bad though, the people on the London party scene had got a bit tired and spoilt, too many really good parties and they know that there’ll be another one soon. So the energy and the enthusiasm that the newcomers bought with them was badly needed. I really hope that the beautiful spirit that was here doesn’t die, I know it will live on in all the people who experienced it and that the spirit has spread all around the world but for it to be seriously diluted so that it can’t keep happening would be shame and a crime.

Things have definitely changed in London, there are still good parties here but you have to be picky and lucky now, maybe things will balance out and re-find its way or

even a new way, who knows and we will see. There seems to be too much copying rather then leading, not just on the parties but in the music too this will cause stagnation. And more serious problem is people copying rather than buying them, without this money coming in all parts of the scene will decline. If record labels can’t pay the musicians the music dies. The record labels, shops and distributors advertise in the magazines, without it the magazines die. Without the support of each other we all go down the hole. I hope I’m not being over concerned, I do have faith that the light and that the beautiful spirits will shine through, the coin is still in spin. I hope the new people coming in realize what is supposed be happening here and it’s not just about the money and the glory or just another party. People need to be conscious partiers, be a part of making parties beautiful and moving them forward, don’t just go to any party, know who’s putting it on, know who’s running the venue, etc. Maybe I’m like too many Londoners a bit spoilt, too many really good parties, maybe I’m too much of an idealist and like my parties perfect .“Maybe I’m just a dreamer but I’m not the only one “ (John Lennon)

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