Letter from Nick

Dec, 2006

Hello Friends and party people, sorry about the delay in letting you know what’s happening. Well the Halloween party went well, it was a good party but sadly not enough people turned up and it lost money. I don’t blame them for not coming and after all the bad press the security at the Renaissance Rooms got on chat forums from the Twisted party from the week before I can understand it,
It was a really cold night as well and if wasn’t my party I probably would‘nt have gone either. The Renaissance rooms has new owners and new management and on the Twisted party there was a new security firm in and they really messed the people about, I saw some of it and heard about some more, so I had a severely firm chat with the management about it and was assured that things would be better next week. If they were better for our party then they must have been really bad on the Twisted party, we had all sorts of problems with them, what a bunch of fat headed twats, I hate this shit. We had a good go at sorting it on the night with them but it just carried on, so fuck’um. The way the law is legal venues have to have licensed security and to many of the security are gangster connected and have another story going on, they certainly ain’t on the same story as us, we just want have a good party. We pay the management rent for the venue and that includes all the basics of which the security is a part. I don’t know any other industry where the employed staffs give the paying custom so much shit. You pay us, we pay the venue management, they pay the security and the security give you shit, what a load of bollocks, that’s like going to the supermarket and the sweeper upper giving you attitude and grief, its all wrong.
This is one of the reasons we prefer an illegal party, no fat headed twats!  
The Chrismas party was to be at the same place but they can stick it, I’m not having you people treated like that nor am I paying for it. We tried to sort somewhere else but it hasn’t worked out so we have cancelled the Chrismas party that was planned for the 23rd of December, sorry about that were really pissed off about it. Time for a rest and a reorganise, we ain’t finished by a long way, too much to do yet, loads of good ideas of how to move party’s forward and make them better and to not do it would be crazy and maddening. So bizzy bizzy at sorting stuff out and we will be at it again soon, stay tuned. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and see you on a dance floor some time soon Nick and the Crew